Art skills and Craft skills, and their relationship

Art skills and Craft skills have been updated to show how they intersect with each other and are related. Art is about creating something new, innovative, and interesting. Craft is about creating something consistently and the speed of that production. Art feeds Craft. The original, beautiful, engaging, or clever objects and works created through Art are reproduced to scale using Craft skills.

Art skills all have a Craft skill that is the prerequisite skill. This is because skills are generally taught via repetition, with creativity coming later, once the basics are understood.

All Craft skill have a corresponding Art skill that is used when the character is trying to be creative. Without the Art skill, the character is just able to replicate what they have done before using their Craft skill, though improving the Craft skill will speed the rate of reliable reproduction.

Template highlight: Blessed of Drexeron: Priest

The Blessed of Drexeron: Priest is the most common sort of Drexeron blessed. Priests tend to work within cities, being advocates for change within local governments, and rallying the faithful to the causes of Drexeron and their followers. Priests usually try to bring change with words as much as they can, though Priests have also been known to lead violent revolutions. Priests of Drexeron also are often the wisest among Drexeron’s worshipers, able to construct careful plans, organize groups, and execute them smoothly.

Template highlight: Blessed of Krellebernon: the Time Bearer

A Blessed of Krellebernon: the Time Bearer. Krellebernon is a deity of death, cold and time. The Time Bearers of Krellebernon serve to maintain the orderly flow of time, which some believe protects the nature of Prime Reality from Outsider Magic.

“When the structure of the order of time and the cycles of life become broken, it is Time Bearers who are sent in to clean up the mess. Throughout history, there have been events where the proper flow of season upon season, or hour upon hour has been interfered with by mortals and spirits, and the effects have been catastrophic. Many historians believe that some of the darkest ages in history – periods into which divining magic can not pierce and into which whole civilizations were lost – were the results of such disorder.”

Template highlight: Blessed of Krellebernon: Death Walker

Every deity has people who serve as their weapons in the world. In the case of Krellebernon (deity of death, decay, cold and time), these people would be a Blessed of Krellebernon: Death Walker. who are called upon to destroy that which is an abomination to the cycle of creation. They seek out and destroy unnatural, unliving monsters and those who search for immortality

“Death Walkers are frequently seen at the fronts of battles, or in the midst of a great spirit infestation sweeping across the world. While the common people of the world sometimes think that Death Walkers are there to create strife or to aid spirits of disease and disorder, this is not true. They are there to make sure more terrible things don’t rise up from these places. They are remarkably driven in this cause.”

Template highlight: Blessed of Krellebernon: Priest

Priests are the most common and visible sort of blessed. A Blessed of Krellebernon: Priest focuses on understanding the domain of death, its intersection with the living, and aiding with that transition point. They handle the dead and protect, construct, and maintain holy sites of death. They are often sought out by local authorities on matters related to death, particularly in the cases of possible murders. If there is a mission to be taken on, they are the planners and directors, assuring the resources of their church are effectively directed. Priests are frequent travelers and executors of their god’s will, especially in areas that it is their domain to oversee.

Template highlight: Blessed of Drexeron: Enigmatic

Those selected by Drexeron (deity of secrets, hidden knowledge, control, and dark magic) to become the deity’s weapons in the world are known as the Blessed of Drexeron: Enigmatic. They are called upon to serve as assassins for the Church of Drexeron, especially when the target is politically, magically or spiritually powerful. They primarily use magic tools for this, although they will fall back to more mundane tools when it serves their ends.