Updates to all character orders

Sections on cross-order prejudice and gender have been added to all orders of the Great Northern Countries. In some cases this was a restructuring to make that information easier to find, while in others this meant to all new content. Among other things, this includes new content about world concepts for gender transition options.

Art: Taal Bandit

James has been enjoying the work of his artist, Avongale.

This Taal Bandit shows the kind of armor a bandit would be wearing! James really loves having this art to improve the look and feel of the gaming documentation. He really hopes that it will help to inspire character builders!

The artist, as she is amazing: https://www.deviantart.com/avongaleart

New art: Crages Merchant

Crages Merchant, dressed in all his finery

There is a new illustration on the Wiki of a Crages merchant. It has been great to get more visuals to help players think about what the people in Krayzen look like and spark their own imagination.

A cool part of all these pictures is that they also depict the subjects in the clothing styles and adornments  that would be typical of the person shown in the current age.  This merchant might appear to have a hunter-type look,  but that’s just because furs and bones are popular across all social levels in Crages society — even among those who never go hunting themselves.

Similar to the other template art, this was commissioned with Avongale Art: https://www.deviantart.com/avongaleart

Art skills and Craft skills, and their relationship

Art skills and Craft skills have been updated to show how they intersect with each other and are related. Art is about creating something new, innovative, and interesting. Craft is about creating something consistently and the speed of that production. Art feeds Craft. The original, beautiful, engaging, or clever objects and works created through Art are reproduced to scale using Craft skills.

Art skills all have a Craft skill that is the prerequisite skill. This is because skills are generally taught via repetition, with creativity coming later, once the basics are understood.

All Craft skill have a corresponding Art skill that is used when the character is trying to be creative. Without the Art skill, the character is just able to replicate what they have done before using their Craft skill, though improving the Craft skill will speed the rate of reliable reproduction.

Template highlight: Blessed of Drexeron: Priest

The Blessed of Drexeron: Priest is the most common sort of Drexeron blessed. Priests tend to work within cities, being advocates for change within local governments, and rallying the faithful to the causes of Drexeron and their followers. Priests usually try to bring change with words as much as they can, though Priests have also been known to lead violent revolutions. Priests of Drexeron also are often the wisest among Drexeron’s worshipers, able to construct careful plans, organize groups, and execute them smoothly.