Welcome to 100 Percent Gaming

This site houses the worlds created by James Pinkerton. This includes Krayzen and Barrier.

If you are looking for the Krayzen wiki, you can find it here, but you’ll need to have gotten your account set up ahead of time to access it.

100 Percent Gaming is obviously all about games!
Roleplaying games, card games, table-top board games, LARPing systems – we do it all!

As far as RPGs go, the flagship product is the 100% Gaming Core System (100%GCS) – a flexible rules system; it is the basis on top of which the “genre systems” are added.

What’s a genre system? Basically, this is a campaign setting for a role playing game, including a history, well developed cultures, mythologies, types of peoples, magic, and supernatural entities. Currently there are two genres in the works: “The World of Krayzen”, a fantasy role playing genre system, and “The Barrier”, a supernatural horror genre system. Both systems have been in development for years, with the World of Krayzen closest to completion.

If you have any questions about 100 Percent Gaming, or would like to become a play tester, feel free to send in an e-mail to “100percentgaming at 100percentgaming dot com”.